Welcome to Waidale

Waidale is a specialist Stud operation in South Canterbury that is focused on breeding rams that meet the markets requirements of an easy care, high fertility ewe that produces fast growing lambs with a high yielding carcass, simple really!

We do this by utilising stockmanship to ensure that all our sheep have the basics: they are sound, can walk, have all the essential quality characteristics that ensure long term performance: and then we apply the performance criteria including the credible gene markers.

By years of doing this we believe we are not only producing rams that look the part on paper, but they are the part and perform accordingly.

Take a look at our web site and if you want to know more about our Romneys , Southdowns , Lincolns or South Suffolks , then don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Eighth Annual On Farm Helmsman Ram Sale  Was held 3pm on Wednesday 23 November 2016.  Note the Ninth will be held Wednesday 29 November 2017

185 rams in total were offered: comprising of 86 Romneys, 42 Southdowns, 48 South Suffolks and 9 Lincoln Rams.  We averaged just over $900 across all breeds.

The sale was again  run in conjunction with Agonline (if you click the highlighted agonline, you can still see videos of those sold and the few still unsold!)

As at 7 March 2017, there is 1 South Suffolks, 6 Southdowns, 8 Romneys and 9 lincolns still availabe, they are all good rams!!  Call Ike on 0274427746 to find out more

Cull Stud Romney Ewe Lambs for Sale NOW!!, Click here to see them

 Videos of all the rams were taken on 30 October, together with a liveweight on that day. These videos along with performance data were uploaded to Agonline.  You were able to bid on them from the time they were uploaded!

Its an easy way to buy rams, so keep it in mind for next year if you can't make my sale, which  is on Farm Wednesday 29 November 2017.  Note up to the end of the sale itself you are able to bid in real time (or place earlier autobids) against those farmers who actually attend the sale.  We have sold in excess of 20 rams a year via agonline for the last two years, many repeat buyers!  Once you have seen my sheep, it is an easy way to buy them!

If you want to see whats involved in preparing for our sale go to TVNZ on demand, find Rural Delivery, and then click on the17th September 2016 edition and you will see the  6 minute segment on how our helmsman/agonline sale works!  I think its still acessible!

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Waidale 872-14
SOLD FOR $8000 AT CHRISTCHURCH Br/Rr 2/2 Sire: Waidale 785-13 Tw 100 day: 55.52kg 200 day: 75.21kg Ema: 20.42 Lw 28/10: 117kg Wwtbv: 3.67 Rank 2 Lw8bv: 6.72 Rank 5 Emabv: 2 Rank 1 TSM: 137 Rank 2 TSG: 677 Rank 4 TSO: 913 Rank: 4/110 This Ram Was sold for $8000 at the Christchurch Stud Fair last year, second top price. I obviously used him as a lamb and he bred really well, at this point I have a son that may be better than him.

Waidale 872-14 Sold for $8000 at Chch Nov 2015.

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Waidale 583-14
Keeper Waidale 583-14 HALF SHARE SOLD. Br/Rr 2/2. Sire: Rawahi 984-12 Tw 30 wk flc wt 5.41kg 100 day wt 37.39kg day wt 64.20kg SIL: wwtbv 4.36 rank 15; Lw8bv 8.44 rank 21; emabv 2.49 rank 10; nlbbv 26.1% rank 45; fw12bv 0.28 rank 209: DPP 1931 rank 17/478.

Waidale 583-14 keeper, half share sold.

Waidale Rams