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Waidale is 126.7678 ha.  it is situated half an hour inland from Timaru, 10 minutes from pleasant point in Totara Valley:  233 Raincliff Road.  It comprises of 90 ha of flat, obvioulsy the balance of 36 ha is hill, of which all bar about 3 ha can driven over by a wheel tractor, although, I would certainly wouldnt do some of it myself.

The farm soils are made up of Wakanui sil and Temuka silt loams on the flat, with the hill primarily being Claremont Silt loams.  Annual rainfall of around 600 to 700 mm.   It is heavy ground, which means that while we have 52 Shares in Opuha water Limited, we can successfully irrigate around 89 ha, as one share entitles you to put 25mm a week per hectare, but as the ground is heavy, I believe 15 mm is ample and as such that is why we can cover the other 30 plus hectares without any problem.  52 shares entitles you to 21.49 litres a second.   Waidale has two ocmis big guns, which covers most of the farm; there is also around 4 hecatares with long laterals and around 5 plus hectares under K line.   All underground mains, with centrally located electric pump.  Clearly all irrigation equipment comes with farm.

Stock water;  we have 9 units from Downlands scheme, which provides for 9000 litres a day if required.  There is also a creek that goes through corner of the farm, which we have the right to take I think 6 litres a second if we want, we dont, but it would not be very hard to feed this into the present trough reticulation system.  All paddocks have troughs.

Sheds and Yards;  There are loads of sheds, one big four bay shed, another smaller three bay shed, and a workshop.  On top of this has a modern wool shed, three stands, we gutted it and rebuilt 15 years ago.  Plus good yards, with one yard being covered,  have the ability to house around 600 ewes if emptied out properly.   yards in very good order like everything on the farm to be fair.

House and Garden:   New house was built when we bought it, very nice 4 bedroom house open plan, up on knob, set in a beautiful big garden, with irrigation stream running through it.  Three bathrooms and toilets.  Additional little sleepout (just bed) if need an extra room.  Again its in very good order.

Pastures:  All pastures (except for one small paddock cant put a wheel tractor over) have been renewed at least once, most  twice and many 3 times in the last 16 years.  all modern grasses AR1's etc, expensive, but stock like them, lot of tetraploids where we can irrigate.  Farm is subdivided into 37 paddocks, with electrics everywhere.   Two lanes which directly access 90% of all paddocks.  Few thistles, but as very good fertile country, if you dont keep on to it, they will come back quickly.  Presently have around 9ha kale/rape ( a ballsup with half paddock) for winter feed.

Carrying Capacity:  As I am stud sheep breeder, my numbers do not reflect what I would run if all commercial sheep,  I run just over 1000 stud ewes, and around 550 hoggets through the winter, along with 30 old rams,  200 of these hoggets being ram hoggets that I sell in my on farm sale.  I personally believe if I was commercial I would at least run 1500 ewes.

Government Valuation:  it has GV of $3,810,000.   Rates of $8751.24  Opuha shares annual cost is about 239.04 per share, although this will increase slightly as had to put in new water meter and telemetry in last month, which will be paid over 5 years to Opuha, not massively it was about $3600 in total, so payable as part of monthly charge over 5 years etc. 

Who should buy it:  in my view its a farm in mint condition, everything the yards, the woolshed, the fences, the lanes, etc, the house and garden.  If you have sold a big place and think you have another 5 to 10 years farming in you, then this is a place that you can do it, without too much work.  Its been pretty intensive being a stud sheep farm, but if it was commercial sheep or cattle, the amount of work you would have to do would be in my opinion pretty minimal.  On top of this, it is a nice home, nice garden and not too far from town.

How much do you have to pay;  I wont sell it for under $4.1 million as I do believe to the right person its worth it, as it will be hard to find a farm in as good order with nothing to do in terms of development,  Its just simply about stock work and cultivation (I have a very good local contractor so that takes the hassle out of that), shift a bit of irrigation in the summer.   A doddle really.  Photos as provided and taken by property brokers.   If  you want to know more about it, please don't hesitate to contact me IKE, on 027442746. cheers


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