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Waidale 5-05
In my opinion Waidale 5-05 was an exceptional ram.  I used him as a ram lamb and for 5 years after that. He is probably the best breeding ram I have ever had. I always kept around 50% of his progeny as opposed to a figure of around 30% or so for most my other Romney sires.  
As a lamb he was quite simply outstanding. His actual growth rate from when he was weighed just after weaning for another 12 weeks was actually 450 grams a day.  This is of course impressive, but what is even more impressive is that he passed this on to his progeny, they too generally have very good growth rates.  
Furthermore, there has been major shift away from very big Romneys in New Zealand to a small or medium sized Romney, 5 was amazing in this regard as while he has high growth rates, ie they mature quickly, they don’t end up real big sheep, they are on the whole good medium sized sheep.
His SIl figures back up what I actually see in his progeny, namely growth rates.

At present I only have semen left of waidale 5-05 which to be honest, I will probably use this myself either this year or next, he is probably the only ram in last 25 years, that I would use again, I think he will go well over 984 daughters.
I am of course always happy to sell semen from other sires we have or indeed from any other breed that we have ie Southdowns and South Suffolks .  However we would need the appropriate time for quarantine, tests and of course collection, before we could export it to you, this would take around 3 months, but if you are interested and prepared to pay up front,   then please do not hesitate to contact about any sire I might have.

As anyone that may have imported Semen before will know there is loads of bureaucracy, paperwork and tests to be undertaken to comply with the current export protocols to ensure that the semen qualifies for export to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, United Kingdom, United States and Uruguay.
Of course as a purchaser of any semen you would need to arrange for an import permit from your end to bring it in.
The actual cost for semen I will discuss upon receiving the inquiry, as it will reflect the amount you may wish to purchase and whether you wish to have the exclusivity of such semen for your country alone, i.e. no one else in your country would have the right to purchase and use semen from that ram. 
If the semen is shipped direct by itself, then the following is a very rough guide as to the export costs, as probably a bit more now, feel free to contact them directly about costs if you wish. (in addition  of course to the price of the semen that you pay me):
Xcell fee (our collectors of the semen) for completion of health certificate and liaising with NZSFA approx $500 NZ; and
Ministry of Agricultural and Fisheries costs for Official assurance approx $500-$800 NZ; and
UTI Freight approx $1000 to $1500 NZ dependent on Country and size of container used );and
Liquid Nitrogen approx $180NZ; and a tank to transport semen, can be loaned and then simply cost to return it, but as often as not it maybe more cost effective to purchase a tank, approx $1500NZ.
I hope the above provides you with all the basic information you require to determine if you would like to import some semen from me; what amount you may want, how much you want, what is entailed to get it to you and the associated costs of getting it to you.  

As stated the actual cost of the semen you will need to discuss with me further as it is dependent on the quantity you may want and the exclusivity of any such purchase.    However please feel free to seek any further information from me that you may require or ask any questions on anything I have not covered or indeed clarification on something I may have covered.

If there are rams of mine on my website that you are interested in getting semen from.
Please don't Hesitate to ask,  the only  issue of course is that it will take time for all the tests and quarantine etc to be done, then to take Semen, before you can get it.  

Realistically, a two to three month window. but it can be done!!!

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