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"All Rams for sale from top 35% born, or 25% born" 


What the hell does such claim like this mean?  Its just farcical!!!  35% based on what, that their alive when they go to sell them, so thats why they are in top 35%, great, most of us like buying rams that are alive at the time.  Or top 35% on SIl, which may mean that some of them are good sheep, or at least good for their flock, and some of them will have great figures, again for their flock,  but will be absolute mongrels (I guarantee that to be the case, if that is the sole culling criteria). 
Realistically such a claim as this simply means that what they have got left for sale, is 35% of what was born, as they have culled the rest, well isn't that just unbelieveable, I think I will rush off to buy their rams!!!.  Presumably they are talking ram lambs born, but not necessarily, if it is ewe lambs as well, then it's even less impressive.
Most ram breeders including myself, who sell a dual purpose breed would only be selling 25 to 35% of the ram lambs you have.

if someone is actually selling 50% and they are bloody good rams, this is actually more impressive than the above claim, is their flock is of higher standard and breed truer

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