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"Rams bred under Commercial Conditions".


What does this mean?  I know from my experience that this sort of advertising can be incredibly misleading.  I only run Stud ewes, but I know that my ewes do it considerably harder than a lot of commercial farmers in the area.  
I visited a colleagues farm in August 2004, who had stud and commercial romney ewes (he is not a ram breeder anymore) , which were in magnificent condition, so much so,  that I questioned myself as to how hard I was doing my ewes. I did perhaps do them a bit hard that year, but the key thing at Waidale, is it only  the ewes that you can work hard enough to ensure that your ewes have the hardiness and constitution to survive all climates and terrain.  You cannot make your hoggets work, in my opinion, you would be an irresponsible person to do so.   So I focus on the ewes, any that struggle are recorded as such and culled once I have weaned lambs from them.
Accordingly a statement such as this means nothing, unless you actually have been to have a look and actually see how they farm. Waidale is extremely wet and intensive farm, the ewes had to live bum to face 8 months a year behind a wire, whereas on north island hill country, spread out dramatically, arguably they face less challenges than my ewes, particularly in terms of parasites etc, as the heavier they are stacked on per acre, the harder it is to compete and the more problems you face. Nothing like spreading animals out over big acres for them to do well

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