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Rawahi 984-12


Rawahi 984-12
Very good middle of the Road ram, with a good fleece, good colour, good on his legs, not a big sheep, but best of all came with good sil figures, particularly early growth, and survival bvs, has linked us up strongly into SIL, used three ram lambs by him in first year. Sire of 583, who I think is an exceptional sheep. I have used him every year since, even in 2018 he still got 45 ewes. He has been a game changer. If all outside rams I buy, bred any where near like how 984 has bred, then breeding rams wouldn't be that difficult. He is a exceptional doing sheep, grunty, deep. Even after 5 years of use, he still has NZMW index of 2145, not bad, it shows that not only has he bred sheep that the look the part, but his figures have come through in his progeny.

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