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Waidale 182-13.


182 was a bloody good lamb, good medium size, very good wool, black feet, good spring, good hindquarter, easy to mate whatever ewe I wanted to as nothing really wrong with him.   Probably on phenotype alone easily best overall ram I used. I actually used two lambs by him this year (ie 2015). I was intending to take him to feilding, probably my first up, but unfortunately about a month before feilding he got injured, injured his back in some way, I got pain killers for a few days in the hope it was temporary but it wasn't, he never got better and in the end I had to kill him to put out of his misery as he was getting to a point that couldn't stand up, so crappy year for loss of good lambs, two romneys and one good southdown. 182 had good Sil figures.

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