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Click on the words Highlighted in Green and underlined to see a number of Romney Rams and Southdown Rams that I sold last year at my sale and those that I have kept.  You can also view these and all other rams including all Romneys, Southdowns, South Suffolks and Lincoln Rams I sold last year, by returning to the Home page and clicking on Agonline.co.nz, where you can see videos and performance data for all rams put up for sale last year. Note its probably easier to read data for rams at Agonline.co.nz NOTE this year's rams wont be loaded up until around the beginning of November!
  • Here are 19 or so Romney Rams I sold last year at my sale, along with my keeper Romney ram, you can see the videos of them and their performance data. Simply Click on the words Highlighted in blue and underlined to see them,
  • Here are the two southdown rams I took to the Christchurch Ram Fair last year, along with my Keeper Southdown Ram, who I sold a half share of, simply click on the Highlighted words to see the various rams.

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