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Tenth Annual On Farm Helmsman Ram Sale  2pm Wednesday

28 November 2018 at Glenafric, 1306 Mt Cass Road Waipara, rams penned by 12.30pm.

Again it is held in conjunction with agonline.co.nz, click on "on farm helmsman ram sale" 

above to see videos and performance on all rams offered and start bidding NOW!!

88 Romney, 45  Southdown and 47 South Suffolk Rams for Sale

Two significant Changes at Waidale: Firstly  I am share farming the Romneys, Southdowns and South Suffolk Studs with James and Maria Hoban, who are farming with Jame's parents Pat and Judith Hoban.  Their Farm "Glenafric" is 770ha,  13km in from Waipara on the East Coast  (1306 Mt Cass Road).    The flocks have been up there since mid march of this year,  the tenth annual Waidalerams on farm sale (which will be again held in conjunction with agonline.co.nz) will be at:

Glenafric Farm, Wednesday 2pm 28 November 2018.

Note Glenafric is only an hours drive from Christchurch Airport. 

I think this move will be good for all concerned:  the studs will be run on different country in a different terrain and climate which presents a challenge to the waidale studs; they will continue to be managed in accordance with my breeding philosophies, as while all the day to day work will be undertaken by James, I will still be heavily involved in culling, mating, selection etc for the forseeable future.  This is important to ensure we keep breeding rams that waidalerams are known for: and lastly and certainly by no means least James Hoban I am certain will be asset to to the studs as he seems to be good guy ( I like him), intelligent and passionate about breeding, is prepared to learn as much from me as possible over the next few years, which for me means that when I do pull out completely James will be  well equipped to carry on breeding top quality Waidalerams that our clients are looking for ( I bloody hope so anyway as that is ultimately the point of me share farming them!).  Click on James to get more of insight into his background

Click on "Glenafric" here or on the heading "Share Farm Waidale" in Menu under  heading "Gallery" to see some photos of James and his family's farm.  Click on here to learn more about the farm size, location and what its running etc.  Below a view from Glenafric, pretty awesome, worth coming to the sale just to see the views!!!!!

The Second Change is I am selling the Farm, if you are interested in a mint 126ha farm, everything in good order, everything! then click here to find out more about it.

Below is some of this years Romney Ram hoggets at Glenafric, a day after shearing (29 July 2018)

Last Years Sale:

190 (approx) rams in total were offered: comprising of 96 Romneys, 41 Southdowns, 47 South Suffolks and 5 Lincoln Rams.  I think we averaged around $950 for what was sold, with the top price being $7500 for a Romney.

The sale was again run in conjunction with Agonline (Unfortunately Agonline are changing things at the moment and you cant go there to see last years rams) but if you click on HERE, this will take you to my you tube page with the various playlists of last year sale or keepers etc, just click on what you want to see.   We again sold around 30 rams last year online, so its increasingly becoming a easy relevant way for farmers to buy rams!

Note: Anything that is highlighted in green on this website links to a page providing you with more information on the sheep or the sale.

Videos of all the rams were taken around the end of October, together with a liveweight on that day. These videos along with performance data are then uploaded to Agonline.  You were able to bid on them from the time they were uploaded, usually towards end of first week of November!

Its an easy way to buy rams, so keep it in mind if you can't make our tenth sale, which I reiterate is on Farm at Glenafric, 2pm  Wednesday 28 November 2018.

Rural Delivery Program

Below is a short video Rural Delivery TV show filmed regarding my sheep breeding operation, that includes the four breeds of sheep, namely romneys, southdowns, south suffolks (Lincolns no more as I have sold this stud).  Its a short 6 minutes or so about Waidalerams breeding operation, and in particular how my on sale works, given no else operates an agonline sale in conjunction with an on farm helmsman sale like we do.  While the sale is now at Glenafric, the principles of what trying to do remain the same.

Note the Romney ram I am demonstrating on is Waidale 583-14 who is a son of Rawahi 984-12.  Both rams have and are breeding exceptionally well, not only are they good sheep but their progeny as they do, have very good SIL figures.  A lot of sons of both these rams will be offered in this years Sale.



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