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    NOTE, the rams for this years sale 28 November 2018 will be uploaded and available for viewing in the first week of November. However if you click on the words Highlighted in Green and underlined to see a number of Romney Rams that were in last years onfarm sale and my two keepers that I sold half shares of. There is also the two southdowns that I took to last years Christchurch Stud Fair. Once you click on one, to go back simply click on "romneys" or "southdowns" in writing just above or the arrow back key to go back to list. You will be able to view all the rams we are selling at our on farm sale at Glenafric on Wednesday 2pm 28 November 2018, by returning to the Home page and simply clicking on Agonline.co.nz, then clicking on the appropriate Waidalerams Icon: FROM around 7/8 November you should be able to see videos and performance data for all rams being put up for sale this year. Note its probably easier to read data for rams at Agonline.co.nz
  • Marketing Gimmicks
    What follows are my thoughts on some of the ridiculous things I hear other breeders claiming to sell their rams, whether they are Romneys, Southdowns or South Suffolks or whatever breed.
  • Semen for Sale
    Click on the words highlighted in Blue on this page and the next to see more information on what semen I may have for sale from Romneys, Southdowns or South Suffolk Rams.
  • Stud Ram Sires
    Click on the Blue highlighted word to see more about the Romney, Southdown and South Suffolk ram in question, generally there will be more performance data and a video on each ram. To go back simply click on the small "Stud Rams Sires" above.

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